Southend Museum Library

The South End Museum houses exhibits and restores material related to the history of the South End, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape and South Africa.

The library, upstairs in the museum, is called the Dr Vertrees Malherbe Library, in honour of her as a distinguished researcher and author, who specifically delved into the history of the KhoiSan.

She wrote many books and articles but is renowned for her article named “Dawid Stuurman – The last Khoi Chief.” Her research has spawned much interest in the story of the KholiSan, and so also of Dawid Stuurman.

The mutual interest between the museum Trustees and Dr Vertrees Malherbe regarding the story of liberation fighter, Dawid Stuurman, resulted in Dr Malherbe donating most of her research documents and books she was involved with over so many years.

Right: Dr Vertrees Malherbe in an interview with museum administrators