Future Exhibitions

South End museum constantly looks to improve, innovate and create new exhibits to create and remember the sporting heroes, culture and political life of South End.

Fishing, religious symbols and musicians are part of the people, communities, events and situations that represented South End.

Going forward some stories have not been told or interpretations that need context. Such an issue is that the Whites in the community were also forcibly removed. However, their circumstances were somewhat different from this of the racial groupings.

Context plays and critical role in the subtleties of the stories, histories and memories of the residents of South End.  To do justice to the community of this area, their memory is to be respected and the sensitivities and conflict all have a place in future exhibits. No one person remembers the South End in the same way, and our future exhibits have to take cognizance of this fact.

Religion and respect was another facet of South End where Muslims, Christians and ethnic and Orthodox faith all intermingled and were represented in the smells and tastes of the goods sold, bartered and given as gifts.

Musician, sporting personalities and cultural events all deserve their time in the sun and are future plans for exhibitions. Communities such as the Indian community in whatever form they take also have and will be part of future exhibits and the contributions of the businessmen either individually or collectively need to be remembered and future exhibits will deal with their contributions to the community and wider contributions to the culture of the city then and now.

While the Committee and Trustees acknowledge the need for the exhibitions to represent the full and complete life, cutural, culinery religious and sporting personalities, circumstances and events we can only operate with the budgetary and fiscal restraints of the museum and some exhibitions no matter how ambitious are at the mercy to this reality.

Forth Coming:

  • Sport
  • Arts and Culture
  • Other forced removal areas
  • Red Location temporary
  • Community Restorative