Museum Guided Tour

Explore the Museum with an expert! Take a guided tour and enhance your experience with additional insight into the artifacts and exhibits, behind-the-scenes details of the Museum’s creation, and opportunities to dig deeper into the stories behind objects on display.

Join a Museum Educator for a tactile tour of the Museum’s core galleries designed for guests with visual disabilities and their sighted companions. This hour long tour includes experiences and replica objects that activate the history of the South End through hands-on learning.  

There was a time when the mention of a museum tour evoked images of branded blazers, heavily scripted journeys around a single collection and a marching troupe lead by an umbrella wielding uniformed guide.

For some attractions that time is still now but, for many forward thinking museums and individual arts and heritage lovers, there are new types of museum tours that are attracting a new type of visitor.

For many years, museums relied on human tour guides to assist their visitors with finding objects, discovering new collections and learning about the history and importance of the objects they cared for but in recent years many have turned to technology to reduce costs and improve the reach of tours.

So we have a series of video as well in person experiences for our visitors and school tours.

If you don’t like the idea of removing the human element from tours there are still options that don’t require an employee of the museum to show you around. Whilst we all agree that museum workers are vital and important, sometimes you might want to explore with someone who isn’t on the museums payroll and can include elements that an official museum tour guide could not such as a local curio stop.