Lecture Series

The Eastern Cape and by extension the South End Museum receives many foreign/international visitors from all over the World. Russia, Afghanistan and Germany, to name but a few. South African’s struggle history has a huge following and people wanting context, which of course the museum can provide via it’s exhibits, videos and the voice of the relocated.

SPEAKERS AND TOPICS - Lectures available for research purposes:

*      2007 “George Botha and the silence of history” by Prof Cornelius Thomas, Dir.

                    of the National Heritage & Cultural Studies Centre at the Univ. of Fort Hare

  • 2008 “Non-racialism, lost opportunities & new challenges” by Prof Derrick

                    Swartz, Vice-Chancellor of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

  • 2009“Human rights and the law” by Prof Vivienne Lawack-Davids, Executive

                    Dean of the Faculty of Law, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

  • 2010 “Freedom, democracy and the constitutional project” by Prof Kader

                    Asmal, Honorary Professor in Law, University of Cape Town

  • 2011“I am a South African” by Dr Allan Boesak

  • 2012 “Our democratic Consolidation @ Risk? Bringing the ‘p’ back into

                     politics” by Prof Ihron Rensburg, Vice-Chancellor & Principal, University

                     of Johannesburg

  • 2013 – “Moral regeneration or moral degeneration” by Rev Maxwell Salsone

  • 2014 – “Why are some poor schools highly effective – but most not?” by Prof

                    Jonathan Jansen, Vice-Chancellor & Rector of the Univ. of the Free State


  • 2015 –Restoring the land in South Africa to those who live in it” by the

                            Honorable Minister of the Department of Rural Development and

                            Land Reform – Mr Gugile Nkwinti

  • 2016 – “The challenges faced by higher education in South Africa today”

            by Prof Adam Habib, Vice-Chancellor of Witwatersrand University

  • 2017 – “Social cohesion and ethnic identity: A stubborn Apartheid fault-

            line of the new South Africa” by Prof Barney Pityana, President of

            Convocation of the University of Cape Town

  • 2018 - The processes of the Gift of the Givers’ by Dr Imtiaz Sooliman –  

                  Founder and Manager of the Gift of the Givers

  • 2019“Confronting Brutality” by Dr Wendy Orr – Presently, Group Head of

                  Inclusion for the Standard Bank Group, dealing with Diversity and Inclusion,

                  Employee Wellbeing, and Corporate Social Investment.

  • 2021 - “MUSEUMS & MEMORY: Without Restorative Memory it is impossible   

                to have Restorative Justice; without Justice there cannot be peace.” by        

                 Patric Mellet, Retired, Councillor on the SA Heritage Resources Agency

Audience at the 2019 lecture

The following newspaper article by a journalist from The Herald reflects the quality and responses from people who attended the 2021 lecture: