South End museum has had the honour of welcoming visitors from a wide variety of countries from our worldwide family, all of whom have expressed an interest in our exhibitions.

Visitor Figures: attendance drops by 77% worldwide.

In an ordinary year, we receive hundreds of international and national visitors. But there was nothing ordinary about 2020 and the widespread devastation caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic. An annual survey reveals that last year overall attendance of the world’s 100 most-visited museums dropped by a staggering 77% in 2020—from 230 million in 2019 to just 54 million as museums worldwide were forced to close.

  But our survey shifted focus this year when shows were postponed or cancelled, Annual Arts Festival have gone virtual. So, while we have mentioned a few key exhibitions staged pre-, post- and in-between lockdowns, this information is included as context for the crux of overall museum visitor figures.